[dancer-users] Dancer Advent Calendar 2015

John Stoffel john at stoffel.org
Fri Oct 30 16:16:25 GMT 2015

Sawyer> Taking two steps back from the current position of this
Sawyer> thread, I think John is raising a valid point here: He uses
Sawyer> Dancer in a certain way. It might not be the responsibility of
Sawyer> the main documentation to document his usage, but it would be
Sawyer> nice to have an article which does.

Thanks for the vote of confidence in my needs/wants, I appreciate it.  

Sawyer> We hope to have the Dancer Advent Calendar cover new features
Sawyer> and tips, but also useful articles - whether they are
Sawyer> Dancer-specific or around the perimeter of Dancer usage (like
Sawyer> a service or website written in it, or an example on a common
Sawyer> application usage).

Another subject for the calendar just hit me yesterday.  My wife's
website has a column in the DB called 'url' which is just what it
says, a long ass URL pointing to image(s) for a record.  They moved
them, so the URL had to change.

I ended up doing a quick:

  <% a.url = a.url.replace('old','new') %>

inside the view, but I know that this isn't really the best way, since
it puts application logic into the view.

I really should A) fix the damn DB to 1) have the correct URL or 2)
just have the single parameter number I really need listed, with the
rest of the URL built since the .pm file.

But I did this because it was simpler than messing about with the
results returned from the Dancer::Plugin::DBIC when doing the query.

Basically, I do the ultra simple:

  if (length $query) {
    @results = _perform_search($regexp,$limit);

  template 'search', { query => $query,
                       regexp => $regexp,
                       tobold => $tobold,
                       results => \@results,
                       count => $#results+1,
                       #limit => $limit,
                       title => "Search the Collection",

Where my query is simply:

  my @r = $schema->resultset('Name')->search( { full_name =>
                                                { regexp =>
                                               order_by => { -asc =>
					       'full_name' },
                                               prefetch => 'account',
                                               #rows => $limit,
  return @r;

And yes, I need to convert this to a FULLTEXT match instead to speed
it up.  

But!! The key idea was to fun a simple foreach loop on @results and
massage the data.  But since it's down two levels, it was a pain.  

So, after all this ... maybe I should just write an actual article on
the tradeoffs of doing work in the view vs doing it in the
controller.  It's ideal to do it all in the controller, but sometimes
the view is simpler...


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