[dancer-users] Advent 2015, medium-scale Dancer, part 2: Route Definitions

Amelia Ireland aireland at lbl.gov
Tue Oct 27 16:59:07 GMT 2015

On 26 October 2015 at 18:14, Warren Young <wyml at etr-usa.com> wrote:

> FYI: Don’t judge the code in the following article part too harshly.  It’s
> all been written off-the-cuff.  I have not yet tried to save it out into a
> final app and make sure it runs.  That will be part of the polishing passes
> to come.  The main thing I want comment on is the overall ideas presented,
> not the niggly details.
> I don’t mean that I do not welcome nit-picking, just that I prefer that
> you keep it brief.  Yes, I realize that the code probably doesn’t work
> as-is yet, and yes, I realize that I probably have committed spelling and
> grammar mistakes.  Kindly just point them out, without discussing how this
> pile of errors reflects on my ancestry. :)

Thank you for the contributions so far! Are you/do you want to post these
on GitHub too, so that (a) they are easy to read in Markdown format, (b)
others can suggest alterations, and (c) you can then easily submit them to
the advent calendar as a pull request?
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