[dancer-users] Dancer Advent Calendar 2015

John Stoffel john at stoffel.org
Sun Oct 25 21:12:19 GMT 2015

>>>>> "Sawyer" == Sawyer X <xsawyerx at gmail.com> writes:

Sawyer> Last year we've ran the Dancer Advent Calendar 2014[1] containing 24
Sawyer> articles on how to use Dancer2, what it can do, what features it has,
Sawyer> etc., which was very successful.

Sawyer> We would like to have another Dancer Advent Calendar this year. This
Sawyer> means 24 more articles.

Sawyer> We need *you*.

Sawyer> I'm collecting articles on topics ranging from:
Sawyer> * Something you do in Dancer (a trick you have, a suggestion on how to use it).
Sawyer> * Projects you made that use Dancer.
Sawyer> * Plugins you like, plugins you wrote.
Sawyer> * Topics I haven't thought of!

Topics suggestions:

- I'd love to see a simple example of searching with multiple fields and
  pagination of the results.  My big use case is searching databases in
  a library to presenting results.  Migrating from an old PHP app would
  be awesome.   Which would involve a mix of POST/GET calls... how do
  people recommend this be handled?  Esp when you want to give people
  the ability to modify their searches, etc.  

  I suspect thoughts on Javascript integration would be needed here. 

- A Good example of how to put in authentication and some of the
  issues surrounding it. 

- I'd also like to second Warren's comment asking for how to structure
  bigger apps and howto scale them up better.


- more details examples of getting Dancer2 up and working with Apache,
  NGinx, etc.  Or some way to automatically generate templates to be
  used for common situations.  The docs are so so... something more
  concrete would be ideal.

  I guess I like how easy it is with Dancer (like the early RoR stuff)
  it is to do simple things, but the leap upto the next level gets
  steep quickly.  

Seeing all the help people have been giving Richard in his questions
about writing and doing his app has been awesome.  I've been saving a
bunch of emails away and I do hope to one day make more use of them.

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