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Shlomi Fish shlomif at shlomifish.org
Mon Oct 5 12:55:11 BST 2015

Hi Mike,

see below for my response.

On Mon, 5 Oct 2015 06:22:11 +0000 (UTC)
Mike Cu <mike_cu80 at yahoo.com> wrote:

> I have an Ajax call like :
> $( "#City" ).selectmenu({
>                          select: function( event, ui ) {
>                          $.ajax({     url: '/cities',
>                          type: "POST",
>                          data: {'City':$("#City"
> ).val()}}).success(function(data){ $("#display").html(data);});
>                      },
>   });

Your indentation in this excerpt of JavaScript code is bad. Please fix it, see:


> does the default JSON serializer escape the data to prevent XSS, or should I
> escape it manually? 

The JSON serialiser should in general pass the text passed to it as is. As a
result, you should make sure to explictly escape it somewhere else (e.g: when
passing the data to the .html ( ... ) call).

And it's good that you make use of jQuery.

	-- Shlomi

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