[dancer-users] Delayed and asynchronous Dancer2

Amelia Ireland aireland at lbl.gov
Fri Oct 2 18:50:43 BST 2015


I'm very interested in using Dancer2's streaming and async capabilities,
and have a number of questions about using Dancer2 asynchronously:

- Does the whole app have to be written to be asynchronous / non-blocking?
(I assume so)

- Do all apps running from the same .psgi file have to be non-blocking?
E.g. in app.psgi:

builder {
   mount '/app1' => $nonblocking_app;
   mount '/app2' => $blocking_app;

- Are hooks safe to use in a non-blocking Dancer2 app or do they introduce
a blocking element?

- When I run the drums example in a browser (Safari), it waits until the
entire drum loop has completed and then prints the content. Is that what is
expected to happen? I expected the content to be written by the browser as
it received it. The docs aren't very clear on what Dancer is actually doing
under the hood -- it would be useful to have more explanation of what's
going on. I'd be happy to write up something myself, but I don't know
what's going on. ;-)


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