[dancer-users] Template Toolkit Help

Richard Reina gatorreina at gmail.com
Thu Oct 1 23:34:09 BST 2015

> Umm... each form has it's own POST target?  Or instead of two forms,
> you keep the running totals in DB with the keybeing the sessionID for
> that session.  When they click on the main "submit" button, it just
> does a call to the page which totals it all up and presents things for
> final submission.
> So you'd just one form, which is for entering things.  And then a
> seperate javascript button which calls in to do the final wrap up.  
> Does this make sense?  Sorry I don't have example code...
> John

Hi John,

Yes that make sense but I guess what I am not clear on is how do I distinguish between the two submissions so that the post route knows that the user is done and to take further action? You mentioned as JavaScript button but how does such a button let the POST route know that the user is done?

Sorry if I am not following something that should be obvious. 

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