[dancer-users] No Advent Calendar this year

John Stoffel john at stoffel.org
Wed Nov 18 14:51:32 GMT 2015

>>>>> "Stefan" == Stefan Hornburg (Racke) <racke at linuxia.de> writes:

Stefan> On 11/17/2015 07:50 PM, Andrew Beverley wrote:
>> On Tue, 2015-11-17 at 19:43 +0100, Sawyer X wrote:
>>> I'm sorry to say, but we do not have enough time and volunteers to put
>>> out an Advent Calendar this year.
>> Sorry to hear that Sawyer. I'll still write my 3 articles - should I
>> create a PR in the Calender repo for them, or just send them to the
>> mailing list?

Stefan> Please create a PR on the calendar repo - we can always revert
Stefan> the decision if we get enough articles.

Stefan> Also we will find a way to publish the existing articles in
Stefan> the repo even if they less than 24.

I've been slowly working on my own article as well, written from the
clueless part-time hacker aspect that I am, who just wants to solve a

I'll try to post something when I get a chance, but I want to say that
I really like this series of articles on perlmaven:


This is the type of stuff we should be deploying in the skeleton from
day one if at all possible. Or maybe have options to the skeleton
command to allow us to include skeleton-templates when generating a

I know people will argue that no one skeleton can fit everyone's needs
and that you end up re-writing them all anyway.  But that misses the
point that it helps lower the steep learning curve and gives people
working, tested examples of proven and supported ways to do things.

Heck, having a skeleton with authentication broken out into it's own
modules would be awesome, it would show a bunch of standard ways to
break apps into pieces and give people guidance.

Will it be perfect?  No!  But perfect is the enemy of good enough.


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