[dancer-users] Having multiple INCLUDE_PATH for the Template Toolkit engine

Gabor Szabo gabor at szabgab.com
Tue Nov 10 07:06:12 GMT 2015


The Perl Maven and the Code Maven sites run using the same code-base and
thus the same
set of templates in the views directory.

I'd like to have some additional templates that differ in the two sites,
but I don't want to have two separate sets of templates.

So I wanted to add multiple views directories which worked in the config
file like this

      encoding:  'utf8'
        - 'views'
        - 'config/templates'
      start_tag: '<%'
      end_tag:   '%>'

but I'd like to set this during the run-time,  for example in the 'before'

So far I could not do it.

I tried  set views => [dir1, dir1]    but does not work as views is
required to be a string.

I could not figure out how else to change the INCLUDE_PATH during run-time.

Is there a solution? If currently not,would it be possible to allow views
to be either a string or an array ref to strings?

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