[dancer-users] Ajax session handling

Clive Eisen clive at hildebrand.co.uk
Mon Nov 2 20:15:25 GMT 2015

> On 2 Nov 2015, at 19:29, Warren Young <wyml at etr-usa.com> wrote:
> Just for one public example, the Dancer Advent calendar.  Someone recently said it typically gets less than 2000 visits monthly.  That’s about one visitor every *20 minutes* on average.  You could probably run the site from a Raspberry Pi, single-threaded, and never even know the difference from how it’s run now.

Funny you should say that - I have a site that gets about 100 hits a day (must check the logs)
It’s dancer2 on an old PI just 1 core

Does exactly fine

(it manages a door lock)


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