[dancer-users] [Dancer2-Plugin-DBIC] This plugin must be callable by other plugins (#9)

Henk van Oers henk at signature.nl
Mon Mar 23 07:46:06 GMT 2015


>>       Next is a patch to Dancer2::Plugin.pm to effectuate the use.
> Shouldn't the Dancer2::Plugin.pm changes happen first?

The current (broken) Dancer2::Plugin.pm does nothing with this extra
parameter and works like before.

But see https://github.com/PerlDancer/Dancer2/pull/865

"We're currently trying to overhaul the entire plugin system. We have two 
competing implementations (one by @yanick and one by @veryrusty) and I 
hope we will be able to resolve them soon enough."

That is very good news.

I can stop working on D2 plugins and just wait.

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