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Thank you for sharing your experience, Zahir.

I'm very happy to hear how positive it was.

If you would like, we can feature the company you work at on the Dancefloor
page on the website: http://perldancer.org/dancefloor.

On Sat, Mar 14, 2015 at 1:41 AM, Zahir Lalani <
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> Hi All
> My apologies if this post is not fully appropriate, but I felt I needed to
> post - hope its ok.
> Although I have used over a dozen languages, over the last 6-8 years perl
> has been a favourite. But in my last job I was tasked with setting up a
> large team for a web based enterprise java app. It was big, SOA based took
> ages to get things done, even with a team of 30.
> I have recently moved jobs to a company that has no developers/architects
> and I was asked to get them into the same space as my previous company. I
> decided to look at all options again and choose objectively - a toolset to
> develop a large app with few deveopers. I seriously looked at some of the
> light weight java frameworks (Ninja), python, ruby and of course perl. I
> had used Dancer 1 for a small project only, but now Dancer2 seemed to
> really stand out. Perl was not 'cool' and I have had colleagues laugh at me
> for suggesting that as a serious option in previous jobs. But here it was
> down to me, and I eventually chose Dancer2, with Starman/Nginx and
> Postgresql as the DB.
> After a couple of weeks I have a the beginnings of a complex web app which
> is n+1 scaleable, which has a REST API module and will also have a
> messaging and workflow tool with a video render farm  - all done in a
> single language and framework.
> Its damn quick to develop, its quick to run, even a colleague who is
> helping do the templating (and a php developer) is converted! Above all -
> it's actually fun to see the app come together so quick. Dancer2 is just
> amazing - the number of add-on modules is great and I can get on with the
> application without worrying about the nitty gritty.
> So - thank you to all who have been involved - you have done an amazing
> job. I just hope Dancer2 gets more exposure as a serious web framework that
> it deserves to be.
> Z
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