[dancer-users] Memory use of Dancer2 running under Starman

Andrew Beverley andy at andybev.com
Thu Mar 19 09:41:19 GMT 2015

Hi dancers,

I'm trying to get an idea of what is a "normal" value in terms of memory
use of Dancer2 running under Starman. I realise this is a "how long is a
piece of string" question, but I would appreciate some replies to make a

I'm finding it's roughly 100MB per worker, which seems to be roughly the
case regardless of the application. What do other people's run at? Is
there any way I can reduce the memory use and/or where should I look to
do so?

I'm running 10 different Dancer2 applications on a VPS with 4GB of
memory. Each application has 2 Starman workers. This is about the limit
of what I can run before the memory on the server tops out.

I'd like to get more applications per server. The applications generally
have fairly light-utilisation, but my VPS provider has disabled swap
space, so they can't be swapped out when they're not being used



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