[dancer-users] Proposed additions to Dancer2

Snigdha Dagar snigdha.dagar at gmail.com
Wed Mar 4 03:53:06 GMT 2015

Hi everyone,

Under Sawyer's mentorship, I have been working on adding new features to
the current Dancer2 tutorial.

Following is a brief list of the addtions that we have made as of now:

1. More HTTP verbs : '/edit' and '/delete' for editing or deleting an entry
2. User logins - enable registration of new users, created another table
for user details
3. Authenticating user credentials
4. Enabling picture uploads for an entry

The code-base for this application can be found in this repository -

And the additions have been documented in this gist -

The work on the tutorial is still going on and it definitely requires some
polishing. We also plan to add more features such as:
1. Improving the css
2. Creating user profile pages
3. Creating an API for a blog feed, showing the most recent blog posts.

It will be very helpful to get community feedback on both the tutorial and
application code. Please let us know if there are parts of the tutorial
which aren't clear and/or can be rephrased better. If you wish to see some
other feature being a part of the tutorial, please feel free to let us

Thank you.

Snigdha Dagar
Electronics and Communication Engineering
IIIT Hyderabad
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