[dancer-users] X-Sendfile

Zahir Lalani ZahirLalani at oliver.agency
Mon Jun 22 17:10:56 BST 2015

Hi All

I have my image gallery working using send_file. But I am now trying to use X_Sendfile in apache to deal with image delivery. The code for send_file is replaced with:

               # use x-send
               header('Content-Type' => $mime);
               header("X-Sendfile: $file");

but I get the following error:
Illegal field name 'X-Sendfile: /mnt/assets/1/56/8f/568f1a76-9e17-4027-8556-ed19155708c3/800.jpg' at (eval 384) line 17.

The x-send module is enabled - not sure if this is a dancer issue or an apache one?


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