[dancer-users] Dancer2 install errors

Russell Jenkins russell.jenkins at strategicdata.com.au
Sat Jun 6 01:14:04 BST 2015

On 6/06/2015 12:20 am, Maxwell Carey wrote:
> Looks like a new release was uploaded to CPAN yesterday and tests are 
> failing on a lot of platforms: 
> http://matrix.cpantesters.org/?dist=Dancer2+0.160002

There will be an email + blog post regarding the changes in Dancer2 
v0.160002 soon. This release (independently) coincided with a new Plack 
release (v1.0036).

One change in Plack is to migrate from using HTTP::Headers to 
HTTP::Headers::Fast. There are a couple of PRs on GitHub with suggested 
fixes for Dancer2 to account for the change in Plack.

It may take a couple of days for the fix to be merged and release as 
several of the core team are traveling to YAPC::NA.

Depending on your circumstances, downgrading to Plack v1.0034 may 
suffice until a new Dancer2 release hits CPAN.


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