[dancer-users] The Perl Dancer website is now running on Dancer2

Gabor Szabo gabor at szabgab.com
Wed Jan 7 17:08:50 GMT 2015


I am happy to let you know that the code running http://perldancer.org/ has
upgraded to use Dancer2.

In addition most of the site has been updated to link to Dancer2 (GitHub
repo, documentation etc.)

If you'd like to contribute to the web site, this is a great time for that.
Source code can be found here:


Especially I'd like to see the Dancefloor updated with additional projects.

I've started to work on in already. Now each entry in the dancefloor.yml
can have a key called source: with a link to the source code of the
application, and each entry can have a key called
dancer: with the version number. Currently only "dancer: 2" is interesting
and it means "this app is based on Dancer 2".
Both of these keys are added to the Dancefloor entries as class-names. This
will make it possible
to filter that Dancefloor emphasizing the pen source applications that can
be used for learning.

So do you have other web-sites running on Dancer?
Are there other open source applications written in Dancer?

Please send your pull requests!

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