[dancer-users] Dancer training advice

Andrew Solomon andrew at geekuni.com
Sun Jan 4 17:17:40 GMT 2015

Fellow Dancers,

In November I went live with online Perl training at Geekuni. Things
are progressing quite well with individual students, and I'm now
looking for advice on which companies would be interested in my
Dancer2 training services.

I've currently got one client putting their graduate recruits through
my Perl Essentials course, but their web framework of choice is
Catalyst (which I don't feel comfortable teaching online).

Does anyone know of a company who'd be interested in Dancer training
online? As this is in the early stages I'm also keen to know people's
thoughts on the levels of service a client would expect.

Thanks in advance!


p.s If your advice leads to a client, I'll give you one of these:)


Andrew Solomon

Mentor at Geekuni http://geekuni.com/

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