[dancer-users] Session expiration cleanup

Warren Young wyml at etr-usa.com
Wed Feb 25 17:48:35 GMT 2015

I’m seeing two problems with session cleanup in Dancer 1.

I’m testing with YAML sessions and a purposely short session timeout:

   session_expires: "1 minute”
   session: “YAML"

After 1 minute of closing the tab that created the session, an ls in the sessions directory shows old session *.yml files still sitting there.  Why aren’t these disappearing?

Second, I’ve got a pool of TCP connections to a back-end server, one per active session.  When the session is logged out normally, I can find the corresponding connection and close it, too.  But, if a session times out because it’s abandoned, my connection object never gets closed.  (I’ve put a log message in its DESTROY method, and it never occurs.)

Is there a way to get Dancer to notify my code when it expires a session, so I can add some app-specific cleanup code?

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