[dancer-users] tutorial

ivo welch ivo.welch at anderson.ucla.edu
Wed Feb 18 18:29:15 GMT 2015

I am a completely new user of Dancer2.  so, this means that I have a
nice fresh eye.  just trying to tell you guys what one may run into as
a new user.

google gets me to https://metacpan.org/pod/Dancer2 .  the installation
of dancer2 was fairly painless.

first thing I looked for on the left side was for a forum or mailing
list.    maybe under "Questions? Chat with Us."  if not, I would give
"contact info" its own header, instead of grouping contact info under
the description.  this would also be useful on the Dancer2::Tutorial
page.  I think any web page should also end with "Comments?  Send to
xxx".  where xxx here is presumably this mailing list.  YMMV.

as I noted in a filed issue earlier, a google search for Dancer2
Tutorial still goes to the old Dancer2-0.01 link on cpan.  it would be
better to take this down.

I am now working on v0.158.  I put show_entries.tt and login.tt under
views/ and main.tt under views/layouts.  I maneuver to :3000, see a
login message, and click on it.  Then I see

<div class=metanav>
<a href="http://.../login">log in</a>
<% IF err %><p class=error><strong>Error:</strong> <% err %><% END %>
<form action="<% login_url %>" method=post>
<dd><input type=text name=username>
<dd><input type=password name=password>
<dd><input type=submit value=Login>

somehow, the template is not picking up.

trying 'admin' and 'passwd' then gets to a 404 page.


Ivo Welch (ivo.welch at gmail.com)

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