[dancer-users] Snigdha Dagar's (our OPW participant) work has been merged!

Juan José 'Peco' San Martín jsanmartin at gmail.com
Fri Feb 6 17:01:21 GMT 2015

Clap clap clap!!!

Great news!


2015-02-06 15:56 GMT+01:00 Sawyer X <xsawyerx at gmail.com>:

> Hi everyone,
> I had a few conferences, lots of work, and then, of course, I was under
> the weather, so not much was heard from me in a while. Consider yourselves
> lucky. :)
> However, having regained enough composure to finally merge the massive PR
> Snigdha Dagar has submitted as part of her work on overhauling the
> documentation, I'd like to share it with you, because it's too cool to keep
> to myself.
> First, you can view the entire thing here:
> https://github.com/PerlDancer/Dancer2/commit/6eaa6a8136ad26c76a40c3aef49d86310e4474e1
> But you probably don't want to. Why? Here's the summary:
> 6 files changed, 2659 insertions(+), 1236 deletions(-).
> Why? Well... let me tell you what she did. She completely restructured the
> Manual and Cookbook. This included deciding what should go where, make it
> reachable from Dancer2.pm (what's rendered when you open up Dancer2 in
> MetaCPAN or perldoc), and structure it within those documents in a coherent
> manner.
> The Manual now covers:
> * Installation
> * Bootstrapping
> * How to use Dancer2, including:
>   - The HTTP methods (including multi-methods)
>   - All route definitions
>   - Prefixes
>   - Hooks
>   - Handlers
>   - Errors
>   - Sessions
>   - Templates
>   - Static files
>   - File uploads
>   - Configuration
>   - Logging
> * How to test Dancer2
> * How to package Dancer2, currently covering:
>   - Carton
>   - FatPacker
>   (but more will be added)
> * How to add middlewares
> * Plugins
> And of course,
> * DSL keyword index
> The Manual is now a proper Manual, explaining how Dancer should be used,
> which we could continue to expand so it covers explanations on any and all
> keywords as part of a guide you can read. You will still have the DSL
> keywords (which many of us jump for when we want to find a keyword quickly)
> as well, which we will slowly be using to point to the parts in the Manual
> which cover the keyword's usage.
> The Cookbook now covers tricks and hints:
> * Splitting your application with prefix
> * Using auto_page (AutoPage itself covered in the Manual - here is only a
> tip to use it)
> * Delivering custom error pages
> * Using DBIx::Class
> * Authentication
> * Example for a REST application
> * Recommendations on serializers
> * Turning off warnings (under "Non-standard" :)
> * etc.
> If there's a tip you give others, or a pattern you found useful, this is
> where you could submit it so others could enjoy. It would fall under "cool
> stuff", rather than "the design of the framework". One describes the pieces
> and how they interact. The other all the cool stuff you could do with them.
> The Deployment document (which existed in 1 and was merged into the
> Cookbook at 2 - not the right thing) is now its own separate document,
> includes everything in Dancer 1 and adds more:
> * Running as CGI or FastCGI
> * Running on Perl web servers
> * Using different service utilities (daemontools, Ubic, etc.)
> * Under a reverse proxy
> * From Apache or Lighttpd
> This is where we gather the knowledge of everyone deploying Dancer2 in
> various environments to make sure we have clear and useful instructions for
> the next person who wants to follow the same deployment pattern, and to
> offer examples of how you could deploy your Dancer2 applications.
> The main module, Dancer2, now links to all of these so they are easily
> accessible. The DSL keyword index, since it is useful, is linked separately
> of the Manual, so we could find it much more quickly. This is something
> that nagged me personally. I never remembered *where* it was documented,
> and now, even though it's the proper place, I don't have to remember.
> Perldoc Dancer2 and it's there.
> I'd like to thank Snigdha for all the work she's done on this. It was not
> easy and included a lot of research before she could even begin reading the
> Dancer documents, comparing the changes between 1 and 2, making decisions
> about the structure, and moving everything inch by inch. (There actually
> were a lot of commits, but I did squashed some commits together.)
> Have a great day,
> S.
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