[dancer-users] Redirect with scalar value

Richard Reina gatorreina at gmail.com
Sun Aug 23 20:20:25 BST 2015

I have the following post that gets a user's selection from a
page then looks up the corresponding record for the selection.

 post '/mypage' => sub { # let user make a selection        my
$select_id = params->{sportselect};        print "\n\nLooks Like They
Selected No: $select_id\n\n";

    # take them to the add_sport (but somehow with selected no    hook
'before' => sub {         var sport_id => $select_id;
request->path('/sport_add')    };}get '/sport_add' => sub {    my
($selID) = splat; #         print "In sport_add we got: $selID as the
chosen number\n";    }
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