[dancer-users] transfer log object

Arjan Widlak arjan at unitedknowledge.nl
Sun Aug 23 17:17:15 BST 2015

Dear all,

How can I get the log object? (outside of a specific route)

I have this Dancer2 application that is an interface to a backend.
If I could handover the Dancer2 log object to the backend, it could 
write to the same log.

What I would like to do is something like:

|use Dancer2;||
||my $dancer2_log = XXX->get_dancer2_logger;||
||my $backend_environment = Backend::Env->new({||
||    log        => $dancer2_log,||
||get '/' => sub {||
||   my $env = $env;

|Is it possible to obtain the log object somehow, or do I have to 
instantiate Dancer2::Core::Role::Logger myself, and hand it all the 
config information myself?

Kind regards,

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