[dancer-users] What is the status of plugin architecture rewrite?

arjan arjan at unitedknowledge.nl
Tue Aug 18 23:02:53 BST 2015

Dear all,

In some github discussions a redo of Dancer2 plugin architecture is 
given as a reason why certain plugins do not work and are not fixed. I 
found out with Dancer2::Plugin::Auth::Extensible::Provider::Database, 
but the discussion suggests it's a more general problem with plugins 
that call plugins. These are discussions of March, April of this year. 
What is the status of this redo?

How come this development work is on cpan, while it breaks plugins, but 
is also not in a state the plugin can be updated? I'm quite new to 
Dancer2. What should I know of the development cycle when I use Dancer2?

Kind regards,

Met vriendelijke groet,
Arjan Widlak

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