[dancer-users] How to send user on to another page/template?

Richard Reina gatorreina at gmail.com
Tue Aug 18 22:21:00 BST 2015

I am trying to learn dancer and have run across the following problem. In
my starter app after a user logs in I want to send them to a welcome page.
For now I am just trying to send them back to the index page. However, I am
having problems doing so with the following syntax.

I get:
Error 404 - Not Found
Powered by Dancer2 <http://perldancer.org/> 0.161000

Am I going about this the wrong way or is redirect the way to go and if so
what would be the proper syntax to make redirect work?


  if ( passphrase( $input_hash->{Pswd} )->matches( $ctsn ) ) {

          redirect '/index';

   } else {

             return "Incorrect Unsername of Password\n";

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