[dancer-users] form validation

Richard Reina gatorreina at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 18:12:26 BST 2015

I am trying to do some basic field validation with
Dancer-Plugin-FormValidator. So far I like it but I am a bit confused as to
how to write rules in the profile file.

This for example works great for telling me that the required fields are
filled out:

 profile_sponsor => {
             'required' => [ qw(
                 FName LName Email
              msgs => {
                missing => 'is missing. Go back and try again.',

But I would like to be able to run some simple checks. Like whether a new
users two passwords match and whether, email field contains an email
address, and a password choice is long enough, etc. Can this be done easily
with this plugin and if so can anyone give some examples?

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