[dancer-users] Some advice please on running with children etc...

David H untg99 at gmail.com
Thu Aug 6 03:24:09 BST 2015

Hi All,

I'm running a Dancer2 app on a Windows 7 32bit machine in Cygwin (don't

The first thing I hope will be easy to give me advice on. The app is oddly
crashing and I can't find the source of the issue but the app will be doing
stuff and then suddenly just hang on the console and not go anywhere.

Can I run Starman or Twiggy in such a way that there will be child
processes so if the app hangs, there will be a child process to take over
and serve the next request?

I'm aware that MongoDB through Windows 32bit/Cygwin, isn't the most stable
start to a web apps life, we are unfortunately stuck with this for the next
week or two.

It might last a few hours or an hour and then the app will hang. It doesn't
totally crash. I'm guessing it may be something to do with the MongoDB
driver but there is no error returned, the whole thing will just hang.

I thought of something like Starman with --workers=10 might help?
I'm currently running under Twiggy.

Thanks in advance for your advice.

nb. My versions of relevant stuff is:
Dancer2: 0.161
MongoDB: v0.798.3.0
Twiggy: 0.1025

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