[dancer-users] Need a CRUD kickstart

Warren Young wyml at etr-usa.com
Tue Aug 4 19:22:23 BST 2015

On Aug 4, 2015, at 8:06 AM, Richard Reina <gatorreina at gmail.com> wrote:
> I am trying to learn dancer. Have played around with Dancer::Plugin::SimpleCRUD and although I find it useful I can't find an example that applies specifically to what I want to learn.

Dancer has a fairly small community, as compared to, say, Drupal or Rails.  Now you’re filtering your expected answer so that only the subset of that small community that knows a non-core plugin can answer, and filtering it further to those who know of an example that does some fairly specific thing.

There probably isn’t a single person on the planet with all of those qualifications.  At best, you’re going to find a SimpleCRUD fan willing to write that code for you, out of generosity.

Instead, start with stock Dancer, then pose *specific* questions when you get stuck, providing the code you’ve run into trouble with.  Then at least everyone on the list could potentially answer your problem.

I wouldn’t view SimpleCRUD as an easy on-ramp to learning Dancer, I’d view it as a potential code-saving device once you know Dancer and decide that your app does in fact fit its design language.

That’s the problem with prescriptive frameworks: if your problem doesn’t fit the framework, you end up doing a bunch of work to hack around that framework’s design, wasting some of the savings it tried to give you.

One of the beauties of core Dancer is that it is entirely non-prescriptive.  It’s a bag of tools, which you can choose to use as you wish.

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