[dancer-users] A way to separate code into smaller parts/files

David H untg99 at gmail.com
Thu Apr 23 01:42:13 BST 2015

Hi All,

Looking for some general advice on separating code/code bases easily with
I'm using Dancer on a fairly large project (relatively speaking) and it is
getting to >2000 lines of code so far. The end product could be in the
order of 3000 lines. This is all one product.

Another one I'm working on is going to be several different products in one
is about 500 lines but is soon going to be at least twice that when I add
some stuff in.

What is the best way to separate these code bases into separate files?
I want to keep the same 'instance' of Dancer, which is currently running
under Ubuntu and Windows Plackup respectively and running well.

I could just link another pm file into the main .pm file, would that be
so I have lib/DancerWebsite.pm and then I just add another .pm file in that
directory and load classes from that?


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