[dancer-users] Dancer training at YAPC::NA

Gabor Szabo gabor at szabgab.com
Thu Apr 16 17:02:31 BST 2015

YAPC::NA is going to take place June 8-10 in Salt Lake City.

In addition to the 3 days of conference there are going to be 3 days of
trainings and hackathons.

One of the training classes is called "Programming the web with Dancer" and
is given by
Sawyer X and Mickey Nasriachi, two core developers of Dancer.

In addition yours truly is going to give a 2-days long training course
mostly about front-end development with some use of Dancer for the back-end.

The list of all 6 master classes can be found here:

Make sure you register before the class gets full or before you run out of
the early-bird discount rate.

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