[dancer-users] Mysterious restarts of development server

Lutz Gehlen lrg_ml at gmx.net
Fri Sep 26 17:12:08 BST 2014

Hi Warren,
thanks for your reply.

On Friday 26.09.2014 17:21:43 Warren Young wrote:
> On 9/26/2014 08:06, Lutz Gehlen wrote:
> > perl bin/app.pl --port 7000 --environment production
> I suspect what's going on there is that something causes Dancer to
> re-read config.yml, which makes it use whatever port and environment
> settings it finds there, or defaults if you haven't given them.

Hm, I wouldn't know what causes Dancer to reread the config. The behaviour I 
described certainly occurs without me touching any files under the 
application directory.

> Therefore, set the port number in either config.yml or in
> environment/production.yml, depending on whether that port is always
> used or only used for production mode.

I agree that would take care of the port switch. Still the application 
would switch from production to development, which is clearly much less of 
a problem, but an inconvenience all the same.

> I've run Dancer for many days, possibly even weeks configured this way,
> using a nonstandard port, and it never changes out from under me.

Thanks for that feedback, certainly interesting to know.


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