[dancer-users] Mysterious restarts of development server

Lutz Gehlen lrg_ml at gmx.net
Fri Sep 26 15:06:34 BST 2014

Hello everybody,
I have a problem with the builtin web server of Dancer1. I use it for 
development and testing purposes. Sometimes - I haven't figured out what 
triggers this behaviour, but it happens sometimes rather quickly, sometimes 
after running for hours or even days - the server mysteriously switches to 
the development environment and port 3000.

I usually start the server like this (omitting some nohup and bash 
redirection stuff):
perl bin/app.pl --port 7000 --environment production

In the output I see this:
>> Dancer 1.3123 server 13413 listening on
>> Dancer::Plugin::Database::Core (0.06)
>> Dancer::Plugin::Lexicon (0.05)
>> Dancer::Plugin::Database::Core::Handle (0.02)
>> Dancer::Plugin::Database (2.09)
>> Dancer::Plugin::Auth::Basic (0.030)
>> Dancer::Plugin::EscapeHTML (0.22)
>> Dancer::Plugin::Ajax (1.00)
== Entering the production dance floor ...
[13413]  core @0.000008> Dancer::Session::Storable using session_dir : 
sessions in /data/perl5/biodatabase/lib/perl5/Dancer/Session/Storable.pm l. 
[13413]  core @0.013884> loading Dancer::Handler::Standalone handler in 
/data/perl5/biodatabase/lib/perl5/Dancer/Handler.pm l. 45
[13413]  core @0.014051> loading handler 'Dancer::Handler::Standalone' in 
/data/perl5/biodatabase/lib/perl5/Dancer.pm l. 483

So far, so good, but then - after variable amounts of time as sketched 
above, this:
>> Dancer 1.3123 server 13413 listening on

The problem is that obviously, from now on the server is not reachable 
under port 7000 any more, and eventually, my testers complain and I have to 
restart the server.

As you can see, the process ID does not change. Does the server exec itself 
forgetting the command line parameters? Or what else happens? I hope 
someone can help me avoid this behaviour.

Thanks a lot,

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