[dancer-users] second draft of comparison table D1/D2

VinceW info at vincew.net
Tue Sep 16 11:07:04 BST 2014

Hello all,

currently there is a second draft version of the comparison table D1/D2

It is a static page generated by a script which pulls it's data from CPAN.
The script is currently running manualy.

I've still a few options to implement, like
- adding hyperlinks to various items in the list
- filtering out some errors in the module names
- output template for
   - html (almost done)
   - markup language
   - git wiki ??

Comments, remarks, feature requests are more than welcome.


On 09/12/2014 01:40 PM, VinceW wrote:
> In two recent threads of this list a comparison table was mentioned.
> I had this on my wish list for D1/D2 too and I was just fiddling with 
> one.
> a first draft is currently available on: http://eurweb.eu
> perhaps someone would like to have a look at it and provide some 
> feedback about setup, data in the list, etc
> when list is ready, it could be taken to perldancer.org
> Best,
> VinceW
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