[dancer-users] Looking for a developer...

Darren Duncan darren at darrenduncan.net
Thu Sep 11 08:01:49 BST 2014

On 2014-09-10, 11:58 PM, Darren Duncan wrote:
> Mike, I strongly recommend you switch your project to PostgreSQL from MySQL
> while it is still relatively young and small, so that you can grow with the
> better DBMS rather than putting more energy into the current one.  You won't
> regret changing, and it will make it easier to grow after. -- Darren Duncan

Further to my point, since you have an asynchronous model, Postgres' built in 
LISTEN/NOTIFY feature, natively supported by DBD::Pg, should be very useful to 
you. -- Darren Duncan

> On 2014-09-10, 11:39 AM, Mike Schroeder wrote:
>> Hi all - I've been using Dancer for years and have watched this list for years -
>> thank you to everyone for a great framework.
>> In my new role at a new company (an audio engineering and production school), I
>> searched for an off the shelf system to do what I wanted, and finally gave up
>> and wrote my own.  Dancer, Rose::DB::Object, Bootstrap and MySQL - amazing what
>> you can do in 3-4 months of spare time :)
>> The project is up and in production, running well, and now we are wanting to add
>> more features, etc.  I am too busy doing my real job (CEO) to have the time to
>> do the development work on the system.
>> I'm looking for someone who can can SSH into our servers from anywhere, work
>> within my existing architecture to extend and add features, refactor some of my
>> prototype code (it's not horrible, but I know it could be better), and help move
>> the project forward.
>> The ideal candidate would have experience with Dancer, Rose::DB::Object,
>> Bootstrap and MySQL.  There is also a POE-based daemon using Rose::DB::Object
>> running alongside for long-running asynchronous job handling, so POE experience
>> would be helpful as well.
>> This is not a full-time job - more project based work to add new features, etc.
>>   I expect to keep building this out over the next year, so I'm looking for a
>> good long term partner to work with. I'm ok with different timezones, as long as
>> we can find some common time for Skype etc. (I'm in Vancouver, so Pacific
>> Timezone).
>> If you are interested, you can send an email to mike at nimbusrecording dot com.
>>   Let me know your experience and expectations for payment.
>> Thanks all - I really appreciate the Dancer community and what it allows us all
>> to create.
>> Best,
>> Mike.

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