[dancer-users] Official Docker image for Dancer?

Jakob Voß Jakob.Voss at gbv.de
Wed Oct 1 08:15:45 BST 2014


Peter Martini has created a Docker image for Dancer, which I have 
contributed to:


If this is ok to Peter, I'd prefer this to be an official repository at 
https://github.com/PerlDancer. You should also create an Docker 
organization account for the Dancer community:

The current documentation could be extended to a tutorial.
Rob N already did good work here: http://robn.io/docker-perl/
(I'm not sure we should recommend the git glone approach as *only* way 
to build your dancer application image, one could also use "COPY" in a 
Dockerfile and "docker build"). A similar tutorial for another language 
is https://docs.docker.com/examples/nodejs_web_app/.

Anyway: I think that an (or multiple) official Docker images for Dancer 
could improve the visibility and usability of Dancer framework a lot.


P.S: If Task::Dancer wasn't stalled (no updates since 2012?!) I'd 
recommend to install Task::Dancer instead of just Dancer

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