[dancer-users] Testing D2 Plugins calling plugin_setting

Henk van Oers hvo.pm at xs4all.nl
Sun Nov 23 10:00:36 GMT 2014

In Dancer2-Plugin-Passphrase I have this test:

--- 003_default_settings.t ---
use Test::More tests => 3;

use strict;
use warnings;

use Dancer2;
use Dancer2::Plugin::Passphrase;

my $secret = "Super Secret Squirrel";

my $rfc2307 = passphrase($secret)->generate->rfc2307;

like($rfc2307, qr/^{CRYPT}\$2a\$04\$/,      'RFC compliant hash generated');
ok(passphrase($secret)->matches($rfc2307),  'Match plaintext to hash');
ok(!passphrase('WRONG')->matches($rfc2307), 'Incorrect passwords should be rejected');

--- ---

CPANtesters use the latest D2,
which contains a "croak 'No DSL object found'"


How do I add a DSL to this test?


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