[dancer-users] Some questions about Logger and format_message in Dancer2

Lennart Hengstmengel lennart at tevreden.nl
Thu Nov 6 13:44:43 GMT 2014


I'm using Dancer2 in a RESTful JSON API. Works like a charm. Made 
everything so much easier! :)

Now I needed to implement some logging, and I noticed that the 
documentation describes some placeholders that haven't been implemented 
yet, like %h (host emitting the request) and %{header}h (value of a 
request header).

I really needed those two so I cloned the repo and implemented these 
myself, which was quite easy. I'll push the changes and create a pull 
request. But I have some questions:

- According to the docs, the (not yet implemented) placeholder %i should 
give the "request id". I'm not sure what that should be? Some kind of 
session id or something?

- lib/Dancer2/Core/Role/Logger.pm:74 :
$level = sprintf( '%5s', $level );
Here $level is padded with spaces if it's shorter than 5 chars. So 
"info" gets an extra space. I'm not sure about the rationale, as 
"warning" has 7 chars so this line seems a bit pointless. (And the extra 
space before "info" makes my OCD play up ;))

- lib/Dancer2/Core/Role/Logger.pm:83 :
return "[" . strftime( $block, localtime(time) ) . "]";
Why is the custom formatted time/date enclosed in brackets? Wouldn't it 
be better to do that in the log_format config directive if you wanted to?

Obviously I'm hesitant to change the behaviour of these last two things 
as that may break stuff (like log parsers)...


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