[dancer-users] Proposal: Tutu, a flat-file Dancer-based CMS

Cymon cymon.ML at gmail.com
Thu May 22 23:10:55 BST 2014

> I'm wondering if you all think this field is saturated
> already, or if it might contribute to Dancer adoption to
> have a file-based CMS available as an sample app.
> I think it might help newcomers to Dancer to have a
> full-function app because despite generally excellent
> documentation, I found it did take me quite a bit of trial
> and error to get the necessary bells to ring and the
> whistles to blow.

I think that CMS and out-of-the-box solutions to make sites fast is
what Dancer community needs, because a lot of people out there are lazy
and a good way to lure them in Dancer world is allow them to create
their own site with no work. After that, if they're good and clever,
they'll dig deep in the framework to expand what they can do.

It's the reason I created a CMS based on Dancer2 by myself
and I'm trying to obtain a mature code-level for it.

I'll look in your project with interest!

Coniglio domina,

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