[dancer-users] Proposal: Tutu, a flat-file Dancer-based CMS

Joel Roth joelz at pobox.com
Thu May 22 21:17:29 BST 2014

Dear Dancers,

I've evolved a simple CMS for my own purposes, taking some
cues from blosxom, which was my first experience with a web

I'm curious if any of you think there would be value
in having a more complete example Dancer app available.

The current design has these main features.

* flat file design, no database
* user login
* simple access control based on two text files
  + access: username dir1 dir2 dir3...
  + restricted_dirs: dira dirb dirc...
* Markdown-format pages in $root_dir/pages
* generates directory listings for files in $root_dir/public

I already created a perl module for the app, which includes
scripts to generate the passwd file and the
directory listings. 

I'd need to do a bit more work to create a generate app dir
with default pages and provide enough documentation to get

I'm wondering if you all think this field is saturated
already, or if it might contribute to Dancer adoption to
have a file-based CMS available as an sample app.

I think it might help newcomers to Dancer to have a
full-function app because despite generally excellent
documentation, I found it did take me quite a bit of trial
and error to get the necessary bells to ring and the
whistles to blow.

Perhaps there are other Dancer-based apps that are more
sophisticated or complete, and would be better suited.

Will appreciate any of your ideas, with my regards,

Joel Roth

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