[dancer-users] Dancer::Plugin::SimpleCRUD use of template

James Ronan james at ronanweb.co.uk
Mon Mar 10 09:22:50 GMT 2014

Hi Gert,

On 10/03/14 06:04, Gert van Oss wrote:
> Dear Dancers,
> Enjoying Dancer::Plugin::SimpleCRUD. Really a great tool. 
> Just one thing I'm having a problem with is the use of a template. 
> Is it possible to adjust the view that comes out of the box and where can I find this view?
> If not then reading the docs it says that: "a template must have a "simple_crud" placeholder defined or you won't get any output. This template must be located in your "views" directory."

What the documentation is saying here (which arguably might be made
clearer) is your template requires a token with the name 'simple_crud'
like so:

  [% simple_crud %]

> This maybe should all be obvious but setting up a view with 
> [% render_content %]
> doesn't work. Should I define all database fields in the template?

Replace this with the one above, and you should see the SimpleCRUD
output in your template.


James Ronan

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