[dancer-users] Bug in Test case?

Jochen Lutz jlu at gmx.de
Thu Jul 31 23:11:48 BST 2014


I'm trying to pair Template::Provider::FromDATA with Dancer to have 
self-contained dancer app. The repository is at 
https://github.com/JochenLutz/Dancer (branch pr/TemplateFromDATA). It 
works (but is still missing the POD).

But: It breaks the test case t/01_config/06_stack_trace.t, and I think
it's rather a bug in the test case - or me misinterpreting the 
documentation - than a bug in my changes.

t/01_config/06_stack_trace.t calls
| Dancer::Template::TemplateToolkit->render('/not/a/valid/file');
but according to Dancer::Template::Abstract, it's
| render($self, $template, $tokens)
so the first parameter should be an object of the class 
Dancer::Template::Abstract (or any of its children), not the string 
"Dancer::Template::TemplateToolkit". Or, if render() is meant to be 
called as a class method, I think this should be documented.

I grepped through the whole source tree, this test case is the only 
place where Dancer::Template::TemplateToolkit::render() is called as a 
class method.

Any suggestions how to handle this? Should I just change the test case 
or should I change my changes to 
Dancer::Template::TemplateToolkit::render() to accept being called as a 
class method?


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