[dancer-users] Dancer::Plugin::SimpleCRUD and 'add_edit_row_pre_save' hook question

Tappin, Chris (AU - Sydney) ctappin at deloitte.com.au
Wed Jul 16 01:22:15 BST 2014

That's great, thanks very much for your help David!

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"Tappin, Chris (AU - Sydney)" <ctappin at deloitte.com.au> wrote:

> Hi Dancer users
> I hope you can help me.  I'm pretty new to Dancer and I'm trying to 
> write a simple web service for note taking.  The SimpleCRUD module 
> looks perfect for my needs, but I need to add a timestamp to the 
> record that SimpleCRUD creates.
> From the documentation I assume the right way to do this is with the 
> 'add_edit_row_pre_save' hook, but the code in that sub doesn't seem to 
> ever get called.

The first and most obvious check is that you have at least version 0.91 of Dancer::Plugin::SimpleCRUD installed - as that's the version the add_edit_row_pre_save hook was first added in.

> simple_crud(
>       record_title => 'Log item',
>       prefix => '/crud',
>       db_table => 'prototype',
>       editable => 1,
> editable_columns => [ qw( UFirstName ULastName Details Type KFirstName 
> KLastName Outcome ) ], add_edit_row_pre_save => sub {
>             my $row = shift;
>             open TESTOUTPUT, ">", "TEST.txt" or die "$!";
>             print TESTOUTPUT "hello";
>             close TESTOUTPUT;
> },
> );

That's not how you use it - it's a Dancer hook registered by the plugin, so you use the normal Dancer hook syntax, e.g.:

hook add_edit_row_pre_save => sub {

> Does anyone have some sample code or tips on how to implement 
> 'add_edit_row_pre_save' that they would be willing to share?  My 
> Googling turned up nothing.

Hmm - looking at the docs, it's not at all clear that they're Dancer hooks and use the normal Dancer syntax.  I'll try to address that!

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