[dancer-users] Current state of I18N?

Dave Marr dave.marr at gmail.com
Fri Feb 21 23:10:15 GMT 2014

Hi dancer-users,
I am looking into some I18N plugins for Dancer and was hoping someone could help me choose a good solution. My templates are all in Template Toolkit, and I realize that auto-generating po and mo files is likely going to be difficult and or buggy so I will do that myself. Currently I’m stuck trying to choose how to set the locale and have TextDomain serve content correctly.

There is a plugin called Dancer::Plugin::Locale that nics on github wrote. I am still having trouble with this module. Checking out the dev branch from https://github.com/nics/Dancer-Plugin-Locale and running tests fails. 

Are there other plugins that people use or can point me to somewhere which is a tried and true I18N solution?

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