[dancer-users] Setting a cookie resets the session?

Warren Young warren at etr-usa.com
Fri Feb 14 04:59:02 GMT 2014

I have a login page POST handler, and I want to remember the login 
parameters for the next attempt:

post '/login' => sub {
     if (handle_login(stuff)) {
         cookie 'myapp' => {
             'username' => params->{username},
             'other' => params->{stuff},

         redirect '/';		# top-level app URL
     # else, login failed, so stay on /login route

It seems that as soon as I set the cookie, I invalidate the session.

I know this because I have a "before" hook that checks whether the 
session is logged in, and bounces me back to the '/login' route. 
Without the cookie() call, I get logged in, and go to '/'.  With it, I 
keep getting bounced back to '/login' because Dumper(session) gives me a 
blank session with only an id field set.

How and where am I *supposed* to set the cookie, so it stays attached to 
the newly-logged-in session?

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