[dancer-users] Dancer app in production on Starman : Dancer::Plugin::Database Child process cannot use database handle created in parent

Anthony Milan anthony.milan at laposte.net
Mon Feb 10 23:29:24 GMT 2014

Le 10/02/2014 23:29, Scott Penrose a écrit :
> Without any actual internal knowledge, my one guess would be forking.


> If you make a database connection into a variable (e.g. database, or $dbh) then you fork, then you can no longer access that connection.

> There is a way to share a pool of connections (in apache aka Apache::DBI) or I used to use PerChild directive on Apache to make a connection.
> Now it should all be handled, but maybe it isn’t?

Ok. I changed from:

use Dancer::Plugin::Database;
my $dbh = database('db1');


get '/something/:id' => sub {
my $dbh = database('db1');


Anthony Milan

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