[dancer-users] State of Dancer2 debugging support?

Warren Young warren at etr-usa.com
Mon Feb 10 22:54:57 GMT 2014

Do the 'show_errors' and 'traces' config settings work in Dancer2?

I ask because I have both set in my environment/development.yml file, 
but I am still seeing it render 500 errors using public/500.html, rather 
than the custom error screen the docs claim.

I have verified that the development.yml file is being read by putting 
unparseable junk in it, which prevents my app from starting, as 
expected.  Also, I put this at the top of the route handler I'm having 
trouble with:

     debug "Dancing on the ", (config->{'environment'}), " dancefloor.";

It does say "development".

By the way, the 'startup_info' configuration flag is documented as 
showing the "dancefloor" in the banner, but I only get this here:

    Dancer2 v0.11 server 19360 listening on

I wouldn't have needed to add this 'debug' call if the banner did show 
the dancefloor as documented.

Here are my 3 config files, slightly sanitized:


     appname: "MyApp"
     charset: "UTF-8"
     environment: "development"
     port: 30000
     session: "simple"
     template: "Xslate"

                 cookie_name: "myapplogin"
                 cookie_duration: "30 days"
                 session_duration: 3600


     logger: "Console"
     warnings: 1
     show_errors: 1
     startup_info: 1
     traces: 1

                 log_level: core


     log: "warning"
     logger: "File"
     warnings: 0
     show_errors: 0
     route_cache: 1

Not to pile on, but it seems that changing 'environment' to 'production' 
in config.yml doesn't do anything.  The errors still keep going to the 
console instead of a log file, and the verbosity level doesn't drop to 

The 'debug' line I added to my problem route does show up, and it says 
'production'.  The fact that this happens at 'debug' level corroborates 
my claim that the verbosity level isn't changing.

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