[dancer-users] Applicability of Dancer and Dancer vs. Dancer2

Lutz Gehlen lrg_ml at gmx.net
Sat Feb 8 16:16:38 GMT 2014

Hello everybody,
I tend to think that the following questions have been asked before, but I 
my search has been unsuccessful. So if someone could point me to existing 
documentation or mailing list threads I'd be happy as well.

1) I am trying to decide whether to use Dancer for a small to middle size 
web application. The key advantages that seem to keep coming up when people 
talk about Dancer is simplicity and light weight and that people recommend 
it for small or toy applications. That raises the question if there is a 
price to pay for this simplicity and light weight. So from your point of 
view, are there any important features missing or in general is there any 
reason not to recommend Dancer for serious and/or not-so-small 

2) The second question I am facing is whether to use Dancer or Dancer2. I 
know that Dancer2 is a OO rewrite of Dancer, but I couldn't figure out how 
the two relate to each other with respect to the devoloping community. 
Intriguingly, the webpage perldancer.org does not seem to mention Dancer2 
at all. More specifically:
a) Are Dancer and Dancer2 developed by the same people?
b) Is Dancer2 supposed to supersede Dancer?
c) Is Dancer more mature than Dancer2?
d) How do the two compare to each other with respect to performance?
e) In general, are there any reasons to prefer one over the other except my 
taste for procedure or object orientation?

Thanks a lot and best wishes,

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