[dancer-users] SimpleCRUD question

Rene Stoutjesdijk r.stoutjesdijk at gmail.com
Sun Feb 2 10:43:05 GMT 2014

Hi All,

first let me say that i'm not an experienced dancer user.
My experience for now is that it really works :).

I've just started to use the SimpleCRUD plugin, which makes live very easy
for this kind of actions.

I do have 2 related questions which i don't know how to resolve:
1) can i remove the option to add an entry in the database, as i would only
want the users to do an edit action (delete was easy to remove as it's a
configurable parameter).
2) can i have somewhere the option to filter (eg by a where clause in
mysql) based upon the login credentials? I would like to limit the table
view by a where clause based upon the login name.

thx in advance for your response.
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