[dancer-users] D1 => D2 Regex route is not anchored any more

Gabor Szabo gabor at szabgab.com
Mon Dec 15 09:02:28 GMT 2014

I just found an issue with my D1 => D2 migration that broke the Perl Maven
I think I managed to fix it but I'd like to clarify this:

I used to have a route handler like this:

get qr{/pro/(.*)} => sub {

    my ($path) = splat;

    return $path;

In D1 this was matching only routes that started with /pro
As if there was an implicit ^ at the beginning of the route.

Now, in D2, it will match anywhere so it started to match URLs such as

I could fix this by adding an explicit caret to the beginning of the regex:

get qr{^/pro/(.*)} => sub {

    my ($path) = splat;

    return $path;


Please confirm if this is really the case or if I just had some other
I think this should be added to the migration document with the recommended

Could I have solved this with the "prefix" keyword? How? Would that be


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