[dancer-users] Sad news regarding James Aitken (LoonyPandora), Dancer contributor and pluign author

Alexis Sukrieh sukria at gmail.com
Wed Aug 13 10:51:49 BST 2014

Hi David, thanks for taking the time to share this bad news with the list.

That's a very sad news.

The paypal account recently received around 100 euros from a couple of

I'll give that money back for James' funeral, and will add a bit or two to
the pot.

I didn't know very well James but I remember a kind a pleasant person while
we discussed about Dancer. I'm sad he passed away in such an unexpected and
tragic way.

May the peace be with his soul.

2014-08-13 10:45 GMT+02:00 David Precious <davidp at preshweb.co.uk>:

> Hi all,
> Sadly, my friend and colleague James Aitken (LoonyPandora/JAITKEN), who
> contributed to Dancer and wrote several Dancer plugins, died
> unexpectedly last week.
> He was hit by a car back in June and suffered head injuries, but had
> mostly recovered - but then took a sudden turn for the worse, and passed
> away last week.  Details as to exactly what happened are still sketchy
> at this point.
> Due to how unexpected it all was and the fact he has no immediate
> family / next of kin, he will receive a very very basic state-funded
> "pauper's funeral" unless enough money is raised to cover the cost of a
> proper funeral - so his ex-girlfriend set up a fundraising page to
> accept donations towards the cost:
> http://gogetfunding.com/project/james-aitken-s-funeral
> If you used his code and found it useful, and have a couple of quid to
> spare, any donations would be very much appreciated.  If you cannot,
> but he or his code made a difference to you, you can still leave a
> comment there if you'd like.
> Dave P
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