[dancer-users] Rewrite a vale in session

fabioniguel3 at gmail.com fabioniguel3 at gmail.com
Mon Aug 11 11:14:25 BST 2014

guys, i have stored a session like this:

    $customer->{id} = $result->[0]->{id};
    $customer->{name} = decode("utf-8", $result->[0]->{name});
    $customer->{email} = $result->[0]->{email};
    $customer->{points} = $result->[0]->{points};
    $customer->{lang} = $result->[0]->{lang};
    session  customer => $customer;

Later i will need to change the lang value.

How do i change it?

i've tryed
 session ("customer")->{lang} => 'other_value';
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